Jonathan “the end of a desperate lightweight president”

Over time we have seen a president who has battled with political heavy weights of his “Largest Political Party”in Africa.

It must be stated that the friction within the PDP is all about who rules in 2015, it is noteworthy that Jonathan has lost this fight already except with God’s intervention which is not impossible.

However, the calculations tend to favor the NEW PDP, the key states that determine who wins elections as president have aligned with the NEW PDP under Abubakar Kawu Baraje while other Battleground states are currently under opposition parties.

Jonathan missed it the moment he started having problems with Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State by recognising 16 over 19 and taking sides in who runs the NGF, his disrespect to Former President Obasanjo by insisting on making Mr fix it Anenih as the party’s BOT chairman.

Jonathan has bad advisers, he has wronged the only set of people that can give him a chance at coming back to power, he has watched his wife insult elected officers without caution.

The Governors who are loyal to Jonathan are those of the less important states when it comes to election of president of Nigeria.

This is what is likely to happen according to my opinion, Jonathan will need to settle with Baba Obj and the angry governors but I do not think the governors will ever support him again, WhY? If they do, they would have convicted and sentenced themselves to death by hanging, they would have shot themselves in the leg. Most of these governors are not coming back as they are on their second terms in office, then the EFCC they complain of will become there best friends as they will be highly victimised for disrespecting Jonathan and that will be the end for them. It is not as if the angry Governors have the interest of Nigerians at heart,NO. They are fighting because of personal interests and selfish gains.

If they will not go back to jonathan which is likely except he agrees not to run(Jonathan) then I honestly do not see a way out for Jonathan, he is DONE.

HMmm why did he let this disagreement get to this extent? Simple Answer, if God wants to break a union, he is going to use a partner of course, he lacks intelligence and Good advisers. One would even think his advisers are paid by the angry governors and also his wife has been one of his greatest mistakes.

Jonathan is a weak president, we have over used the word WEAK for him, he just doesn’t have a head of his own, pardon Alaemesiegha, appoint a coMmon enemy in anenih as Chairman Board of NPA and BOT someone accused of corruption under WORKS ministry. I can’t begin to count his flaws and stupid decisions.

Looking at Jonathan’s administration and his kitchen cabinet, one very good example of a failure is Nyesom wike the “Honourable Minister Of State For Education” Asuu is currently at logger heads with this administration that has 2years to go on its mandate, he is busy planning on how to become next Governor of Rivers State by promoting violence and threatening hell and fire.

We need discipline in our country,this set of rogues have shown us they were incapable right from day 1.

I heard Jonathan was close to tears when he met the Governors, heya he needs to cry but not before the cameras, we are tired of the cries and I never had a shoe story.

There is no way PDP will break into factions and not affect everyone under the Umbrella. I smell the end of this “Great” party. They have tried their best, its time to pass the baton to a new runner.

I speak for no political party, I am just a lover of a future happy Nigeria.

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Nigeria’s oil and Nigeria’s craze

Coat_of_ArmsIn recent times, i have watched our state governors go to Abuja monthly with their finance commissioners for their monthly federal allocation. this is crazy in the sense that the very problem we face in this country is too much power at the central government. The money from the oil exports is the only reason this country keeps tearing apart. i wonder why states should still be going to government at the central monthly for its survival , why state government should rely heavily;y from the federal government monthly for its daily bread. Because of this oil money some people will never leave the political scene.

I am of the opinion that if all states are made to eat from what they can make by themselves it will reduce the over concentration on the federal government which has over time proven that it cannot handle the nations problem alone.let river state make use of its resources as it deem fit, same to delta, edo, akwa ibom, kwara and all states.

take for instance in my state kwara, our internal generated revenue for the year 2012 was 800million monthly and money coming from abuja amounted to averagely 2.5billion naira monthly.

it is only reasonable that states be allowed to manage its resources and stop depending on federal systems, if kwara is made to rely on its internal generated revenue and allowed to manage its economy, some people will retire from politics because they only want the oil money from abuja. if kwara is made to survive on the little it generates, we would see agriculture boom and all other states will look inwards and see where they can generate resources from, the oil rich state be left to also manage their resources and it will give the people of the south south reasons to elect leaders who will manage their resources to better their lives.

all this agitations for revenue sharing formula will be eradicated and it will put a stop to so much struggles for political gladiators at the federal level, governors be held responsible for the governance of the states resources.

it is better we accept this policy without delay as this country cannot continue to live on the oil from the south south for ever, one day every state will have to fend for itself, the federal government will continue its role as policy regulators and tax companies in oil mining exportation, agricultural companies and agricultural exporting companies, the federal government will continue to provide essential services from the taxes it gets from the states and corporations but the states must stop running to abuja for federal allocation, i cant remember the last time i heard governors and mayors in the United States visit the white house for federal allocation. all states in united states control its own economy in that they are able to focus on developmental projects as they say government is better when it is closer to the people.

i made reference to the united states as a model example of a workable federal system, federal government cannot oversee every aspect of the peoples life, issues like security at the local level be made to be within the purview of the states.

pdp is breaking up because of who rules Nigeria in 2015 but why all the friction? i guess its about who controls the oil money in 2015. if states control its revenues i bet anyone going to want to be our president will be someone going there to better the lives of Nigerians and project our image in a positive way before international community and not for the forsaken oil money.

i prefer my kwara to live on its agriculture and the little its gets from internal general revenue than the money which comes with curse from oil. if we rely on 800million naira monthly, most of the big name politicians we have in kwara will have to retire from politics as they would be richer than the state already. every state must start to fend for itself and lets have peace for once in this country. its not all Nigerians that want the oil money……….

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It is indeed a sad moment in the history of our country Nigeria, the happenings of the past years, we have been dealing with sectarian violence from kano kaduna  plateau, the Lagos bomb blast and several others. It is painful that artistes will be performing while some people need succor the most. Our hearts are broken and tears in our eyes for the deceased 49+ who lost their lives in yobe and the over 300 that we have lost in Adamawa, Borno, Yobe States,and to the thousands lost so far to boko haram  and other sectarian wars, this goes further to show Government’ s insensitivity to the plight of the people. Is this tribal and I want to ask believing that we are all Nigerians but how will every hausa man in this cabinet celebrate with wizkid’s  melody and tuface not to think of the families of the deceased.

This is indeed a sad moment in our history, the centenary celebration is indeed a misplaced priority and will go down in the history of Nigeria as one which celebrated terrorism, killings, maimings and I hope our musicians are getting ready to account to their fans and God but they dont care as long as the money keeps flowing into their accounts,  they smoke more weed  and display it on instagram and get more girls pregnant.

I used to think we Nigerians were the most religious, what happened to our religious leaders? majority of whom will be in abuja celebrating.

Nigeria, is it just a mistake or a scam? A sad moment, what happened to declaring prayers and fasting and invite the musicians to pray not sing to the dead. What if Jonathan was a northener? would he have done things differently? is it justified why the north wants to take back the presidency? A prayer for Nigeria.

Hmmm!!! Why do we deceive ourselves by lying to the world everything is fine when they know it isnt, what happened to been sober as a nation?

I like to use this medium to salute the courage of the Gani Fawehinmi family for rejecting the centenary award, what would have been a betrayal of their fathers legacies.

May Almighty God continue to be with the families of the bereaved and Give Nigeria and Nigerians more wisdom.

Thank you.

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The Legality Of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s Alleged “suspension”

I have read with undivided attention the submissions of various professionals on the alleged suspension of SLS, while most of the views shared appeared subjective and sentimental from people who are not of the same tribe as SLS, it is most surprising and disturbing that notable senior advocates of Nigeria have also towed this line of subjectivity.

Mr Mike Ezekhoume S.A.N believes that sanusi was acting against his cabinet members and the policy of the government in repositioning our financial and economic sector therefore the president has the power to suspend him, this view is shared by Mr O.C.J Okocha S.A.N as well and he posits that SLS was just suspended and that he could either appeal to the courts or to the national assembly. This statements were credited to the above senior advocates of Nigeria by the nation newspaper of  22nd February 2014.

Following supports and counter supports on this suspension, I want the general public to always seek legal knowledge and find out what the position of law is on issues of national importance so as not to overheat the polity.

The moment the president nominates a CBN governor and same is ratified by the senate, he CANNOT BE SUSPENDED, REMOVED, DISCIPLINED, RETIRED unilaterally by the preseident who appointed him, this follows the common sense principle of INDEPENDENCE, the moment any CBN governor assumes office he becomes independent and only by 2/3 of the majority of the senate can ratify his removal.

Now the question is,  going by the provisions of Section 8-11 of the CBN act and all its proviso, is there any provision empowering the president or even the senate to “SUSPEND” a CBN governor? No there is no word as suspend and I want to state emphatically that president jonathan has no Legal right to Fill a lacuna for our judicial system. The fact that the Act that does not provide for suspension means strictly that no CBN governor can be suspended by the president. It is an aberration and this is impunity and desperation at its best.

I disagree with the learned Senior advocates and all Nigerians who have closed their eyes to the legality of the issue at hand and embraced tribal sentiments and subjectiveness.

By strict interpretation of the laws regulating the CBN Sanusi Lamido sanusi is still the CBN governor as his alleged suspension has no place in our laws. Why now that he is uncoverin the billions of dollars stolen, If Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has questions to answer he should be prosecuted after all he enjoys no immunity as CBN governor.

This suspension has further shown that Nigeria appears more divided under this administration than ever and on the brinks of collapse.

The igbos through the ndigbo is happy and the hausas have spoken through the kano emirate of their disgusts at the illegal and immoral suspension. At a time when the north is hot, this is certainly the wrongest of times to do something stupid, to even legally remove a loved northerner rather than to have even removed him illegally. I join millions of law abiding citizens of Nigeria in condemning the decison of President Jonathan and his Kitchen cabinet and also urge the AGF to live up to the billings and yearnings of every Nigerian.

If financial recklessness is alleged on the part of Lamido then what do we say to $20billion that is not accounted for but I will not disagree with the government if they insist Lamido has a case to answer but it must be done legally, the erstwhile minister of aviation who was alleged to have spent without appropriation was not even accused of financial recklessness by the Jonathan administration, why is the presidency yaking action on the financial reports council reports now when Lamido became a whistleblower?

This is a cabinet that has a lawyer as the AGF and chief law officer of the presidency and the nation, this same treatment was meted out to Justice Isa Ayo Salami. President Jonathan must stop this acts of impunity and disrespect to the rule of law as to rule Nigeria shiuld not be of force but willingness of Nigerians.

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Concerned Nigerian
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Thank you.


While it is imperative to note that the APC is a registered political party with all rights and privileges so attached, it is also important to note that they can visit whosoever and whatever persons they so wish to visit. 

I have read several comments on twitter and facebook to see most twitter activists condemn the new party of visiting former presidents including IBB and I hold bold to say there was absolutely nothing wrong in the visit.

While some perceive IBB as a devil, some people believe he is human too. I mean  no one is unchanging in character, he is an important figure in the political shape of this country.

The world is moving past enemity and I think APC as a new brand only wants to market itself to peopke who matter. I mean if you sell a product that you think would do the customers some good, WOULDNT YOU MARKET YOUR PRODUCT?

As we await the outcome of the Anambra polls and various court cases between new and old pdp, I think it is important for all political parties and politicians  to start wooing the people who can help sell thwir markets. 

Again I write out of any political affiliation and as a wonderful partisan Nigerian. Thank you

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